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Business Consulting
& Legal Advice


Scaff Consulting works with complete business consulting solutions and legal advising. The experience, along with all thesuccess stories of its Founder,
Dr. Alfredo Scaff Filho, makes all the bureaucratic and time-consuming work feel like simple and fast. Professor, lawyer and opinion maker, he has in his experience the essence of consulting, added to all his international experience. The constant updating and strategic partnerships linked to our company will offer you, beyond tranquility, the certainty that you will never be bothered with some misfortune that is not solved.

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Lawyer graduated in Law from PUCCAMP in 1992, specializing in Negotiation Business International, Leadership in Harward and English in NESSE (MA, USA) in 2013.
In the meantime, he obtained experience and professional experience in Brazilian bodies, such as: OAB, CETESB, DECAP, Casa Cívil, among others.
In his teaching activities, he taught at UNIP, OAB / SP (preparatory course) and FAAP.
He is currently President at BAC - Brazil America Council, Lecturer in Law, and presenter of the program "Alfredo Scaff Convida".


Our Solutions

Contracts Analysis and Development

(Personal or Business)

The purpose of a contract is to ensure the conditions agreed upon by the parties are strictly met, providing security for the contractors, especially in cases of noncompliance leading to termination. The evaluation of several aspects in the elaboration of a contract is of great importance. A detailed analysis of the situation, the willingness of the contractors to anticipate possible "discomforts" should be made. Dr. Scaff's experience makes it feels simple and fast, but believe me: It requires his international experience and training to make everything perfect.

Documents and
Broad Real Estate Advisory

In order to solve the many administrative bureaucracies, you often have to move around and worry about numerous aspects and procedures that you may not be familiar with, wasting time and causing troubles. Having essential and interconnected services all in one place, you make your daily routine easier. The experience and ease of Dr. Scaff brings agility, assertiveness and assurance of a perfect job!

Dealing with tax procedings in administrative
and judicial courts

We need to be constantly updated about laws and duties as citizens. When it
comes to Brazil, we must be even more attentive to its innumerable constant
changes and "gaps" that lead us to ruin in extreme cases. The constant updating and strategic partnerships associated with Dr. Scaff will bring you peace of mind and assurance that you will never be bothered with some unresolved misfortune.

Dealing with criminal subjects
(police and criminal investigation);
intelligence and counter-intelligence

The Criminal Legal Area in Brazil is not only extensive but also slow. Having the hability to deal with and a deep knowledge of competent organs are essential and vital. To monitor it constantly is decisive. But it is not enough just to appear and intervene, it is necessary to eliminate any procedural and administrative risk that the law may oppress. And again, with Dr. Scaff's experience and successful career, you will be assured that your subject will be in safe hands.

Assistance Services in Municipal,
State and Federal Public Institutions
(SP, DF, RJ, GO, MT e MS);

Whatever your need for advice on matters related to public institutions, there are no limits to our work. At the municipal level, or even in the highest public office, our board will be with you, including several states.

Trips with clients for interviews and business
legal assistance

Translations and interpretations are somewhat "peculiar." If misinterpreted, a whole project and / or business may be lost. Dr. Scaff's (USA) foreign experience provides a solid foundation for interpretation in a perfect legal and business language!

Legal Advisory and Consultancy on International Financial Structures in the United States and Other Countries

When talking about money, the subject may get more secretive and deserve special attention. For this it is necessary to know the financial culture of a foreign country, and make the best decision in regard to transfers and investments. Losing is unacceptable! Dr. Scaff's international experience brings you the certainty that your money will be protected and never devalued.

Business development, immigration and
American permanent Visas, with representation
with high standard local offices

Succeeding and investing in another country requires international multidisciplinary experience. Opening a business out of the country, brings many aspects that we need to anticipate and prevent. Immigration and visas are subjects that require much knowledge in the subject, otherwise it will be doomed to failure and financial setback. With a highly regarded US office, Dr. Scaff has many successful cases to shape his business.



"We have known and worked, almost 10 years, side by side, with Dr. Alfredo Scaff Filho. In this period, we come to admire and respect him, as a professional and individual, always dedicated, willing and open to new ideas, but always respecting the best ethical and moral standards. Devoted to philanthropic and related activities, it was also highlighted in the volunteer effort we lend to the study and the aggrandizement of the Brazilian immigrant community in the United States. "

Dr. Aloysio Vasconcellos, Lawyer.
Chairman of the Westchester International Group and the Brazil International Foundation in Boca Raton, Florida.